Explaining The Cay

Explaining the Cay by Theodore Taylor

This novel study took approximately 3 weeks to read and discuss orally with students followed by 1 week to complete a summative activity sharing their learning.

The Lesson Plan 1 – The Cay attached is formatted based on a submission sent to ISTE in 2015
The resources for this unit includes:

Video Resources
YouTube – 8 Part Series of The Cay

YouTube – Nick Vujicuc

Discovery Education
Discovery Education has a 13 minute animated version of The Cay from 1990 Aims Multimedia for those that need a visual reference to connect to their learning. (http://store.discoveryeducation.com/product/show/48548 – Free with Discover Education subscription) There is also an 8 minute video for American Museum of Natural History Science Bulletins: Our Oceans, Ourselves

Google Image search (to share the setting and environment of the novel)
– Examples include – Hurricanes, The Cay, coconut, seaweed, sea urchin, eel,

Documents used
The Cay – Final Project Explain Everything Planning
The Cay project checkin
The Cay project Assessment
Final Project Explain Everything student feedback
Student Suggestions to change Explaining The Cay assignment

Samples of Student work (uploading to YouTube)
Mankaran – http://youtu.be/pZRIhHkNc64
Harmanveer – http://youtu.be/zMRkZZyOEqA
Sajan – http://youtu.be/51aMxnDebTw

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