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CUEBC 2013 – October 2013
Authentic Assessment- Digital Storytelling – apps that transform learning

IL4K12 – November 2013
(presentation was similar to the CUEBC 2013 presentation.)

Presentation at Chantrell Creek, Surrey BC for Staff and UBC Teacher Candidates
Presentation on Citizenship and Blogging

October 2013 Ignite Session
Watch session starting at about 14 minutes AliveStream Archive of Ignite Session

Link to speaking – Requesting Kevin Amboe as a presenter

ISTE 2013 – iPad Boot Camp 3 hour Workshop
Description: Not sure how to use the iPad in the classroom? This iPad boot camp is the perfect place to start. We’ll take you through setup, teaching, creating, and curating. Develop comfort with the iPad starting from taking it out of the box to installing apps and putting them to use.
Participants will be:

    Introduced the hardware and physical set up of the iPad from fresh out of the box.
    Provided educational anchors to using iPad for learning.
    Considering the Curation of Apps through the lenses of Creativity, Communication, Productivity, Special Education and Content.
    Engaging in conversation around the pedagogy of teaching with access to this toolset.

Delta SD 2013
Digital Footprints
Description: Have you considered when you travel the web, you leave a footprint wherever you go. The web is not really anonymous. Where you go, you leave a footprint. Some are washed away in the sand, others leave permanent marks. If you don’t manage your footprint – someone else will.

This session will introduce the idea of a digital footprint, considering both the positive and concerning aspects. Additionally we will discuss what it means to manage or build a positive digital footprint and how important it is for students to be thoughtfully in control of their online image.ISTE 2012 Death of the Traditional Essay
Joint Presentation by Kevin Amboe, Shelagh Lim, Lisa Domeier de Suarez, Elisa Carlson and Amy Newman
Description – Minimize written output struggles using digital storytelling. Engage students in expressing and communicating rather than struggling with the written form.

ISTE 2012 Empower Oral Fluency, Reading and Writing

Empower students to grow as readers and writers. Learn about 10+ apps that will engage hesitant readers and writers in listening, creating, and publishing their writing.

ISTE 2011 – COTA 2012 – Engage Students as Writers through Digital Tools
Description -Empower students to grow as writers. Learn about 10+ tools that will engage hesitant writers in creating and publishing their writing.

Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of this session is to give 10 valuable integration tools. The intention it to provide introduction to concepts and sample tools for you to explore to engage writers. While I am presenting on a Mac, in this handout is a table of alternatives.

The concepts will be discussed with examples for specific grade levels; however the tools are flexible to be used for a broad range.
The following are core to the workshop:Storyboards, peer-editing,book making, digital images, making photographs, blogs, wikis, podcasts, mind mapping, movie making and word processing.

Engaging Learners through Google Literature Trips – ISTE 2010 – COTA 2012

Looking for a way to engage students in literature, introduce geography concepts, provide background knowledge, and provide your students access and exposure to the world around them? Engage students with integrated visual learning using Google Earth to develop the geographic story/timeline connecting to literature you study in class.

Google Literature Trips mash up literature with geography. We will explore the basics of Google Earth such as navigation toolbar, measurement tools, featured content, placemarks, and layers of information. It is also possible while building a Google Lit Trip with a class to address National Geographic’s Five Themes of Geography.

Presentation Slides Engaging Learners through Google Literature Trips

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