Kevin Amboe has been a teacher in Surrey, British Columbia for 25 years. He has taught in Secondary, Elementary and as a District Consultant supporting 126 sites. A majority of his focus was working towards building understanding and capacity of Information and Media Literacy to empower student learning.  A current passion is making school more accessible for students with special needs whether through technology such as an iPad, or ensuring the building is physically accessible.

In addition, Kevin worked with Simon Fraser University for over 10 years on a self-directed/mentored Professional Development in-service program for teachers.

Kevin has presented at regional, provincial and International conferences including CUE-BC, NCCE, NECC and ISTE. He is a Google Certified Teacher and one of Canada’s Apple Distinguished Educators.

At this time I have shifted my focus to other areas of my life.If you would like to arrange for Kevin to do a presentation or workshop, please contact him at kevinamboe @ gmail.com

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