Beliefs about Technology

1. Technology has to be more than using new tools to do the same old things
2. It is about empowering the learner
3. What we do in school shouldn’t hurt students

Belief Anchors
The class is being conducted inside the aeroplane – using the new technology – yet the classroom, itself, looks exactly like a conventional classroom. Thus the picture illustrates the stereotypical ‘bolt-on’ effect of using a new technology; which often results in no significant difference being made to how a class is taught or to the learning outcomes of the students.
Teacher teaching Geography in an airplane
llustration 1: Today’s Aerial Geography Lesson
New York Times No. 306-NT-520 A-6 in National Archives
Accessed August 2013

2. I struggled as a reader. In university I watched the movie ‘Color Purple’ instead of reading the novel. It was too much for me to read and learn. I accepted that I didn’t fully understand the ‘book’ in the same way as those that read it, but I was able to stay in the conversation. Why would we not allow a student to watch a movie, or listen to the audiobook, or an audio drama if that helps them stay in the conversation. Learning is not about the words on the page. It is about the conversation the reader, author and classmates have together.

3. After working on the Grade 5 Writing project where students reflecting at the end liked writing more – because their hand didn’t hurt. This really shook me to question why we have to do things they way we do.

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