Freshgrade invaluable to write my reports this time

I have been a Freshgrade user for 2 years now.  I love the concept.  It was a bit of a struggle to get to a point where my students are now entering their own items in their portfolio and that I am assessing directly into Freshgrade.

The benefits have truly paid off for this term.  I have been able to sit down and write the majority of my reports from my memory and quickly scanning assignments in the gradebook.  That change really isn’t transformative.  The biggest change was being able to look at students portfolios where I was struggling for what to write in English Language Arts, Creative and Critical Thinking.  I was quickly able to remind myself of their learning in these areas.  In some cases, students have uploaded videos and images specific to what I was looking for.

I am excited for when I can transition to staying within the Freshgrade environment to assess, store, and collate a report for parent communication.  This round was not only a paper savings, but I was able to review digital media from 3 months back.


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