Teaching Intentionally Without

Teaching Intentionally With(out) technology as a focus.

I realized as I started reading Troy Hicks – Creating Digital Writing, that it is the teaching and learning that resonates with me and not the technology. I am very proficient with technology, but that is a skill, a tool, a method but never should it be the goal.

I am going start the concept publicly with the goal of producing and publishing a book. (I did produce a book, but when I submitted it for review the feedback was essentially – you are preaching to the choir – so it really isn’t publishable. One day I will revisit it and publish as an ebook and let readers decide.)

I am not sure if I can use my chosen title or not, but that is my starting point.

I would like to reflect back on my teaching career and highlight intentional steps in my teaching. The first run and what chapters or topics could be includes:
Rebranding The journey of IT, ICT, IML
Creating Chaos – Living in Perpetual Beta
Instigating Dissonance – Conversations that move – SAMR – Dinner Series
Branching out and Reinventing
Go deep and lift out all the learning (Google Lit Trips)
Go Deep – it is about the learning – My hand doesn’t hurt
“I am not the director of iPads” EC. It is about innovation
Assessment (isn’t it all for learning)
Curation of Apps – Curation of teaching practices
Inquiry – TLITE as self directed learning
Break down barriers – Yes And – A reflection of what influences brought me here

I definitely want to have it published as an ebook, but a paper version has its place. I love how Troy Hicks has a print version, and eversion and a wiki to round out the reading experience. I will glean several publishing ideas from his book; however, the first of my own ideas I want to put in is several ComicLife pages for vignettes of conversations I have had over the years

This page is in “perpetual beta” (Thanks to Lisa Domeier de Suarez for coining the phrase for me)

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