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Story is a large part of who we are as human beings. Story is more than the facts. Story brings to the hearer or viewer a perspective or interpretation of the facts.

I am so grateful to live in this time where there are so many ways for people to tell stories. I worked at a Forest Education Centre for a number of summers and was quite the campfire story teller. While I loved to capture the audience and lead them on a journey through my eyes, I only was able to tell about 8 stories over the summer. Other people wanted to tell their stories as well. My audience over the summer was limited to about 500.

Oral story telling benefits
– More words are used that everyday functional language
– More challenging words
– The teller has to be very descriptive so the hearer can reform the images in their mind.

Digital story has several advantages over oral storytelling and can capture many of the benefits of oral storytelling
– Permanence of the story. Orally I need to remember or others need to learn my stories
– Larger potential audience – Posted on the internet a story can be heard by millions, archived on a computer, stories can be told to descendants long after the elder passes away
– Multi-modal. Stories can use any one medium, or use multiple to capture the listeners interest.

Story through still images
Examples where images can tell the majority of the story include:

    Creating a title page for a book report using an image creation or presentation software. Students would be expected to share visually the highlights of the story or other criteria you set.
    Start story writing by creating (or selecting) a series of 6 images. Then write the story to match the images.
    Provide 6 images and students choose which one to being writing about. The image can provide certain criteria such as setting or mood to the story.
    Write 3 major events down. Close your eyes and picture the event. Create the event using a combination of images and words.
    More about working with images

More on integrating images

Story through moving images
Video Camera
Stop Motion Animation
Screen Capture / Casting
The ability to capture video of your computers screen has many uses. Using a capture software, you can create how to tutorials, animated presentations or demonstrations; capture segments of webcasts; and archiving web videos for when the internet goes down.

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