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ISTE 2016 – Denver
June 26, 2016
iMovie Mashup – 4 tools to integrate with iMovie

iMovie is a powerful video editing tool that can be enhanced by embedding resources created in Lego MovieMaker, Snapseed, Photobooth, and Explain Everything. Take iMovie to the next level by importing media from multiple sources.

Kevin Amboe is the Professional Learning Coordinator for BC’s ERAC (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium). He taught in Elementary, Secondary and as a Consultant over the last 20 years. Kevin believes in authentic, hands-on and meaningful learning. Being the risk taker and leader affords him the ability to advise, mentor, and support teachers developing their learning journeys. Sharing his learning journey of what is possible, he has presented local, regional, provincial and international conferences. He is a Google Certified Teachers, Canadian Apple Distinguished Educator and Apple Professional Development Trainer.

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