ISTE Conference
June 26, 2016

iMovie MashUp

Session Description:
iMovie is a powerful video editing tool that can be enhanced by embedding resources created in Lego MovieMaker, SnapSeed, Photobooth and Explain Everything. Take iMovie to the next level by importing media from multiple sources.


Vancouver iOS Summit
January 23, 2016

Storytelling with Comic Life

Session Description:
Storytelling is a medium that allows students to share what they know, learn, and think. Comic Life is an app that sets up boxes of thinking to share the story. Come explore Comic Life’s many uses including how students can create graphic novel style creations of fact or fiction, Students that struggle with written output have opportunity to express themselves through a combination of visual imagery and short written pieces.

Victoria GAFE Summit
November 20-21, 2015
Engaging Learners with Google Geography

Session Description
Students have gaps in background information. Google Earth/Maps/Tours/Cardboard are an engaging way to have students use images to gain background knowledge and connect their learning to the world. There are powerful connections for students in Literacy, Mathematics, Science to be activated. Students connect and become creators of understanding.

The concept of a Google Lit Trip wraps the geography features with direct connections to literature and learning. has provided a launch pad for teachers interested in connecting students directly with geography. The concept has grown to include terms such as bookmapping, sitemapping and digital storytelling. The model can be used for teacher created, student created, and co-created projects.

November 3-4, 2015
BC Digital Classroom Collection – Beyond Databases

ERAC’s Updated BC Digital Classroom is a core collection of digital resources that most districts have licensed. The collection has been updated to provide resources that are truly K – 12 in nature. Come learn an overview of the tools included and examples of how they can be integrated into meaningful opportunities to access and learn from the rich resources available in the BCDC.

Nurturing Global Citizenship – A progression to Anytime / Anywhere learning
The format will be similar to an Ed Camp or World Cafe where there is only a 5 minute introduction presentation that focuses talking / networking time around this topic. The group is in charge of the session; however, questions that might be at the discussion tables could be: What plans for release of control of learning to students do we have? How are students safety and privacy managed? To what degree are we nurturing global citizenship? As a parent, how do I know my child is a digital citizen? What are the defining characteristics that separate a learner from a global citizen? Near the end, we will share nuggets or take-aways from the discussion.

CUEBC 2015
Nurturing Digital Citizens – Digital Storytelling with Primary Prosumers

The ERAC BC Digital Classroom offers many resources specifically aimed at K – 3 students for interest and readability. As students navigate within the safe, secure, and reliable walled garden, they can embed these resources to tell their stories. Primary students can capture and share their learning with digital artifacts, still photos, video, voice dictation, Explain Everything, and Comic Life. (While an iPad will be used to model these processes, the concepts apply to PC / Mac / mobile devices)

ISTE 2015 1 in 3
Creating a District Wide Maker Movement
This presentation was shared at ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia.

ISTE Making a Maker Movement Handout – Kevin Amboe

BC ERAC IL4K12 November 2014
MakerSpace – Making Spaces and Opportunities for Engaged Learners

Last year Surrey started a process to infuse Making into the Surrey Learning Culture. Starting the process we provided 2 mini maker kits to every school that was interested in exploring the concept.

We spent more than a month developing an ideal set of maker kits to be delivered to 30 schools to transform space and opportunities for learning differently. The Maker Movement has been growing in recent years. The movement is coming to Surrey in a big way. Come learn what we have done to empower teachers to join this movement that involves learning with hands on, tinkering, fixing, building mindsets.

Resources from the presentation

ISTE 2014 – June/July 2014
Digital Footprints and Digital Tattoos: Lasting impacts of the Internet
Using Internet leaves permanent footprints; however, it also leaves its mark on us. Learn how to manage online presence and the lasting marks it makes.

iTunes U — iGlue for iPad Learning
iTunes U is the “Glue” for learning with iPads. Explore how iTunes U provides a platform for connecting today’s learners to lessons, resources, and more.

Digital Storytelling – Putting Learning Above Output
Minimize written output struggles using digital storytelling. Maximize opportunities for assessing learning and not the written output. Engage students in expressing and communicating rather than struggling with the written form.

Enhanced Engagement through Geography – Integrating Google Earth

Integrate Google Earth to empower visual and kinesthetic learners to engage in learning by anchoring learning to Geography features

Surrey Schools – January / February 2014
iPad Apps through a lens of Differentiation / Assessment

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