Story as Product

For some reason ‘Essays’ still hold a position of honour as crowning achievements of literacy. Essays as a symbol of rigor, ignor that our world is about stories, not essays. Essays are an artifact of only having print based text as a method for academics to share information over long distances.

We now have a multitude of other ways to share stories in addition to live worldwide, simultaneous interaction including:

Visual Focus

    Image Viewing
    Image Capture
    Image Edit / Creation
    Image Organizing
    Book Making
    Graphic Novel

Linear Text Based

    Note-taking / Annotating
    Word Processing
    Collaborative Documents
    Book Making
    Peer Editing
    Text Publishing (Blogs, Wikis)

(Check out – for more details)

Audio Based

    Podcasting / Voice Recording
    Video Recording with no video

There are additional uses as Adaptive Tools for students with additional needs.

To see a chart providing example writing activities cross platform

See also Presentation – Death of the Traditional Essay

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