The idea to include Innovation with the IML capacities comes from my reading and reflecting summer 2013.
Three influential books include:
Bringing Innovation to School – Empowering Students to thrive in a changing world by Suzie Boss (My blog post reflecting on my read)
Maker Space
Invent to Learn

In the factory era, it was possible to have most students in Canada or the USA be literate and seeking factory model employment. With automation, outsourcing and crowd sourcing, there will be few career opportunities to support a Western lifestyle in factory model employment. Careers will be leading problem solving.

A reflection by the Jet Propulsion laboratory showed the most successful engineers were those that tinkered, build, created as a child. I personally grew up with access to my dad’s workshop in our basement. I was able to create and build using wood, saws, nails, hammers, a lathe, soldering iron and a garden space in our back yard. Seeing their finding, I think that is why I do so well troubleshooting technology. I developed an exploratory mindset to figure out and fix things as a child.

(As this is still new I haven’t even considered what a criterion rubric would look like. I do know that I will work towards Maker Spaces in our schools during the next school year.)

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