Use (tools and information effectively)

Use (tools and information effectively)
Much of what I consider technology isn’t even considered technology based on the common understanding that only what is invented after you were born is technology for that generation. Technology is everywhere but most of it is under utilized because of either not knowing it has the power, or the need to use the power.

There is still a need to teach how to use technology; however, it should be in the form of ‘just in time learning’ as part of another learning task rather than a course on how to use an iPad.
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There are some additional ‘helps’ to improve IML capacity in the school. Even if I believe teachers don’t need to be experts on technology in their classroom, many still hold the belief. To meet teachers where they are at means providing them with some entry points to effectively use technology in the class as well as a path they can be expert in at least a few areas. I believe social networking and social bookmarking are two avenues to support teachers to expand their willingness to use and model meaningful technology integration.

Twitter is an entry to Social Networking and a Professional Learning Network:
Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool that has several easy entry points.
We can help teachers sign up within minutes and follow a couple of leaders and
Teachers can lurk and still glean value from the PLN

While experimenting and learning from mistakes is a valuable process, I have found some advice that eliminates many of the initial barriers.

As teachers, two aspects to consider:

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