Storify from SITE Conference March 19/20

SITE Conference 2014 March 19/20

SITE Conference 2014 March 19/20

My reflection and learning on Wednesday / Thursday March 19/20

  1. RT@soulfirestudio Carr-Chellman: Games are good bc they disrupt the culture at elem. It shows boys they are valuable. #siteconf #sd36learn
  2. Ali Carr-Chellman -How do we speak boy culture language? Are we culturally sensitive? Call of Duty w “Action Figures” #siteconf #sd36learn
  3. Alison Carr-Chellman Includ games (Minecraft) that boys are playing shows what is valuable to them is valued in school #siteconf #sd36learn
  4. Do universities offer pre-service courses that enrol both classroom teachers and teacher librarians? #siteconf #sd36learn
  5. Have we thought about designing prod for different personaity types? #sd36learn Trends in tech integration use by personality #siteconf
  6. @spgreenhalgh #siteconf Is pragmatism or pedagogy driving our #edtech choices? #sd36learn Pedagogy! The opportunity to ask better questions
  7. @phdslyk: Help turn around the next generation.  #siteconf #sd36learn We shape beliefs about making a difference.
  8. RT @phdslyk We have a responsibility to meet students where they are. They are on their phones. #siteconf #sd36learn Interacting, Learning..
  9. @phdslyk Facts are not Google proof, but are the building blocks. A brick can be used in infinite ways. #siteconf #sd36learn
  10. @phdslyk Thanks for modeling live tweeting during session and including those not in the room to contribute #siteconf #sd36learn

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