Sharing with Sheryl Nussbaum Beach in Surrey

Today was an amazing day with 12 elementary teachers in the AM and 9 more in the afternoon.  Embedded below are all the tweets from @shelagh09, @librarymall and myself @amboe_k from our day together.

A quote that piqued for me was that we should not use twitter as a community.  It is a network intended for making connections and starting conversations.  Communities are places (not twitter) such as blogs or nings where deeper discourse can occur.

I found it interesting as I use twitter for several reasons:
1.  Networking
2.  Maintaining connections within our community and
3.  being a conduit for my colleagues in #sd36learn

I do agree with Sheryl that twitter is a river of information that keeps flowing and we don’t want to even consider reading all of it.  She described many ways to interact with twitter.

When considering twitter not as the community, I realized that twitter is our temporary community.  When FC was shut down, SurreySchools was released to replace that community.  I realized that we haven’t moved in to the new community.  Working in SharePoint requires a different way of thinking about the community, and method of accessing.  With Version 2 on the horizon, the Surrey Learning Community may move in soon.

It is possible for us to use another tool for community; however, there are so many possible choices.  In the absence of a home for community, teachers have been exploring other communities.  We have some teachers using KidBlogs, Edmodo, Weebly, WordPress and Wikispaces.  I think not having a single format / style / location has lead to a lack of the larger community being available for inviting new members to the community.  This is where Twitter has come in.  Twitter and #sd36learn have been the location to connect, ask questions, support each other, provide resources, provide encouragement, and challenge each other.

Lastly, I see that I am blessed with more opportunities to be exposed to outside ideas and voices (in F2F opportunities).  It is partly my responsibility to open the ideas of thinking from these opportunities as to how they can impact our learning in Surrey.


I believe that twitter is both a network and a community; however, I concede that there may be other better community tools than what twitter provides.




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