Sharing via video – Good is Good enough

Is Good Good Enough?

I am really starting to enjoy the idea of communicating with parents through YouTube.  Today I sat down and created 3 short videos to keep the parent community involved and informed about our classroom.

I know how long it takes to create high quality videos so I decided to do them as single takes with only notes but no actual script.  I have found this useful to mean I actually do them, rather than waiting until I have time to do a perfect job.   It may sound odd, but I started last year with our IML team with the statement that, “Sometimes good is good enough.”

I think this is a perfect example.  I could do nothing because excellence is not feasible in my life, time available, energy, etc.   OR I could do something real, unscripted, and informative that is good.

I started with a synopsis of the topics we are studying, created another addressing the new curriculum and finally answering a question from 2 parents so far on why I don’t give homework, (and I have given homework, just not what is expected.)  I spent less than 1 hour recording them, and setting to upload to youtube.  They are not ready yet at youtube is processing in the background (6 hours later still.)

I have posted them for our parent community on, but have included them below as well so you can get a flavour for what I have done.  (The first video only had 9 views; however, that parent did talk to someone else in the community that told me about the video even though they hadn’t seen it.)

Yes Good is Good Enough … when the alternative is not at all.

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