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This is not an organized post, rather my notes that would be more valuable shared than in an document file.


Random Reflections on the process todate:

Very exciting.  Kid in the candy store.

Unique how I can be so critical of a near miracle of the ability to take digital and print it layer by layer.

My girls – Amanda and Kaitlyn – were pretty amazed.  I was amazed on the opposite side that they very quickly understood what it was and then complained at how long it took to print.

3D printers are finicky sometimes.  When laser printers were new to the market, there were many paper jams, smudged, or creased papers.

Ideas sparked so far include:

–       designing and printing artifacts from ancient civilizations

–       imagining, designing and printing original works of art

–       creating characters for storytelling and stop-motion projects

–       Digitizing and modifying existing 3D objects before printing them.

–       Teaching scaling by printing 6 objects of various scales


Initial learnings

–       Have a kit of tools ready to go with the printer.  It did come with a variety of tools but we have found you also need:

  • A toolbox to store all the extra tools
  • Thingiverse is an amazing repository of 3D objects


Further learning is the kit of supplies that might be useful to schools starting their own adventure.  (and will be included in our loaner kit)

Blue Painters tape – to mask the platform and make it easy to remove raft from platform

Putty Knife (included with Affinia kit)

Thick leather gloves ([better than ones included in kit]as annoying as working with gloves can be, we have all cut ourselves scraping the printed objects off the raft and separating the object from the raft.

Heat Gun – the edges often have soft burrs from printing or breaking off the support material.  The Heat gun softens the plastic and smooths flaws.

Exacto Knife (included with Affinia kit)

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