iPad Boot Camp Workshop

This presentation was first presented to Surrey IML Digital Coaches and Innovators in February 2012

ISTE 2013 – iPad Boot Camp 3 hour Workshop
Description: Not sure how to use the iPad in the classroom? This iPad boot camp is the perfect place to start. We’ll take you through setup, teaching, creating, and curating. Develop comfort with the iPad starting from taking it out of the box to installing apps and putting them to use.
Participants will be:

    Introduced the hardware and physical set up of the iPad from fresh out of the box.
    Provided educational anchors to using iPad for learning.
    Considering the Curation of Apps through the lenses of Creativity, Communication, Productivity, Special Education and Content.
    Engaging in conversation around the pedagogy of teaching with access to this toolset.

Presentation Slides –

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