Forms – A hurdle for the possible is now overcome

I am finding a great irony that it takes so much paperwork to be able to teach students in the direction that education needs to go.

This weekend, I have finalized a parent information package including forms for:
• Student Email Accounts (because they are housed in the USA)
• Web 2.0 Tools (because they may have private information stored online and in the USA)
• BYOD (to have parent permission to bring devices to school with the understanding that damage or loss is not the school responsibility)
• Maker (because we are going to use tools.)
• Media / Website Release (to allow news and general website publication)

And an added irony is that we can’t have general Walking Field Trip permission (to have hands on experiences in the community) We have to plan ahead long enough to send out notices and get signed parent permission with time, date, and location.

I have admired many educators that have amazing classroom learning environments. Returning to the classroom with a greater desire for students to be engaged and in charge of their learning has been interesting. I want for so much more than is currently possible. I am hoping that overcoming the hurdle of ‘forms’ is just the first of many on the journey of what is possible.

(I am hoping tonight to create a short video to explain the stack of forms so it is not quite so overwhelming for our parent community.)

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