#CUEBC2013 great success

I have again be privileged to be part of the #CUEBC annual #PSAday conference as part of the #BCTFpd on October 25. Jason Ohler was our keynote speaker and he did a fantastic job to a full theatre. We have over 500 educators on site again this year.

I presented two sessions. The PDF of the presentations are located here:

Kevin Amboe sharing ideas with BCERAC at CUEBC 2013 conference
Kevin Amboe sharing ideas with BCERAC at CUEBC 2013 conference

Authentic Assessment: Digital Storytelling – Apps that transform Learning and Assessment
Room: 207
Audience: Intermediate Level

Minimize written output struggles using digital storytelling. Maximize opportunities for assessing learning and not the written output. Engage students in expressing and communicating rather than struggling with the written form. Presentation

Digital Footprints and Digital Tattoos: Lasting impacts of the Internet

Room: 207
Audience: General
Using Internet leaves permanent footprints; however, it also leaves its mark on us. Learn how to manage online presence and the lasting marks it makes. Presentation

Listening to Jason Ohler is always fun. He is very knowledgeable and makes you think as he weaves a journey we take together. My notes include:

Students should be studying the changing times that we live in.

The internet is a huge art studio. We can walk the studio and borrow from our fellow artists to create new.

Technology connects and disconnects. Even the technology of glasses while being positive and connects the wearer to their life, it also disconnects from the services, and tools that might otherwise be needed.

Microwaves remove the need for family dinners. Modern houses don’t have family dining rooms. They have bar counters, or TV rooms.

Web3.0 is the semantic web of interconnections. When the ‘computer’ makes those connections and suggestions, what bias and ethical decisions are implied or embedded? Smart Searches bring up smart results, but are they the best or biased?

Kudos to CUEBC

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