Connecting the pieces…

I have continued to work on the planning for a year long of inquiry based learning. As I have a combined Grade 6/7 class planned, I need to consider the content and concepts for both grades. Looking at the new curriculum drafts, I created a summary sheet with higher level content areas and then reviewed each project to see where natural fits would occur.

It was interesting to me that I felt tugged to balance a little bit of each subject in each project. Some projects are more ELA based and others naturally lean toward Science or Social Studies. I consciously have chosen not to conform to balancing the curriculum delivery into every unit, rather to ensure that good solid foundations of learning are achieved by the end of the year.

Most were easy to have natural fits identified at this stage. I haven’t completely aligned all the subjects yet, but know that I have a good foundation to cover most expected learning outcomes fully integrated rather than lessons in isolation. Mathematics was a bit more challenging as it is very detailed and specific. I am confident that I will find the natural fits for learning meaningful use of mathematics within the projects.

The final step in this stage was to double check by looking at the Big Idea’s covered for each project and see that all the Big Ideas are covered by the end of the year. I did this by identifying ones in each project, then using a separate sheet to punch through and see all of them addressed over all projects.

Attached are 4 of my summary sheets

I feel now that I can start to look closer at each project to rough in activities that shape and support students learning.

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